Captain Andy Mills

Andy has been involved in aviation all of his adult life right up until retirement from British Airways in 2004, when he ended his career with the airline having become a Route Training Captain on Concorde.


Captain Les Evans

Les combines an extensive knowledge of aviation with an entertaining and popular lecturing style. He is able to draw upon his extensive knowledge of aeronautics from the time he was a Test Pilot in the Royal Air Force right up to flying Concorde with British Airways. 


Captain Tim Orchard

Tim began his flying career in 1971. He has flown over 50 types of aircraft and is currently licenced to fly aeroplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons and hot air airships.

Tim is a Display Pilot, a Flight Instructor and a Senior Examiner


Captain John Hutchinson

John was involved with Concorde for many years and as such is considered to be one of the most authoritative and passionate champions of the aircraft. He has given countless talks and lectures on Concorde, as well as other aspects of aviation


Captain Mike Bannister

Mike was involved with Concorde for most of his airline career, starting in 1977 when he became

the youngest Concorde First Officer, right through to 2003 when he was the Chief Pilot


Tony Yule

Tony is a very experienced and passionate speaker on aviation in general and Concorde in particular. Tony has given many such talks to a wide variety of audiences around the world, including air shows (Scotland’s National Museum of Flight; EAA Oshkosh in the USA., etc)