Here at Concorde Speakers we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies your needs. With that goal in mind, we have put together a list of some of the questions that we are frequently asked. If you do not find the answer here, then please contact us using the email page.

Q: What sort of fees do your Speakers charge?
A: There is no set fee structure in order to have a Concorde Speaker give a talk for you. Each individual speaker will set their own fees dependent upon many factors. Travelling distance involved, any accommodation required, type of audience and the amount of preparation needed to personalise the talk for your audience will determine what any individual speaker will charge. It may be as low as £200 to give a talk to a small club close to where the Speaker lives with an audience of 50 people ranging up to £2,000 or more for a large business conference or after dinner talk hundreds of miles away from the speaker’s home. 

In addition to travel and, where applicable, accommodation and meal expenses, our speakers normally charge a fee which may be waived at their discretion e.g. for certain charities etc

Q: Do we need any sort of equipment in order for the Speaker to give his talk?
A: Individual speaker’s requirements may vary, but each speaker will have his own laptop computer with all the necessary software and presentations on it. You will need to provide, or make available, a light projector and screen suitable for your venue, some form of sound system for some of the media clips in the talk, a lectern, together with the cables necessary to connect the speaker’s laptop to your light projector and sound system. For larger venues or audiences a microphone (head type, lapel type or hand-held), will be also required. These requirements can be discussed with the Speaker.

Q: What format will the talks take?
A: All the talks use Microsoft Powerpoint in varying degrees, last anything between 40 minutes and an hour, and include many high quality photographs, video clips, animations and graphics. These are used to explain and reinforce much of the subject matter contained in the talks. Whilst the Speakers are able to give a talk to a technical audience, as you would expect, they are all proficient in talking to non-technical audiences and are able to make even complex topics understandable to everyone. Whatever the subject matter, our Speakers are extremely well versed in delivering a very informative and above all, entertaining talk to any audience.

Q: Will the Speaker be able answer any questions from the audience after his talk?
A: Generally, yes. There may be times where this is not possible, for example if the venue is going to be used for another function immediately afterwards, or if a dinner function has run over the normal times and everyone in the audience wants to go home! All our Speakers are very approachable and enjoy talking to people about their subjects and are more than happy to answer any questions.

Q: Will the Speaker be able to modify his talk to meet with our requirements?
A: Certainly! Our Speakers are able to take on board the particular theme of your function or the type of organisation he will be speaking to and modify his talks accordingly. All you have to do is tell us what your requirements are and the Speaker will do the rest. Of course, the more his talk has to be modified, the longer lead time he will need in order to deliver the perfect talk for you.

Q: How far will the Speakers travel in order to talk at a function?
A: Most of our Speakers are available to give a talk anywhere in the UK. Additionally, several of them would be willing to give talks world-wide, as they have in the past.