Concorde Engineer Officers

This is a complete listing of every one of the 57 Engineer Officers in British Airways service.

K Appleton IR Fellowes-Freeman R Maher
SL Bolton P Finlay PJ Newman
GS Bowden SF Floyd T Norcott
RC Bricknell F Ford PJ Phillips
K Brotherhood J Goatham A Price
AA Brown M Harrison TJ Quarrey
WJ Brown W Hazelby I Radford
PC Carrigan M Hollyer JA Rodger
A Chalmers WG Hornby IF Smith
TF Caster D Hoyle J Stanbridge
C Coltman S Hull D Tracey
L Cooper D Jackman G Tullier
TB Dewis WD Johnston A Walker
W Dobbs WA Johnstone RN Webb
FW Duffy RA Jones NC West
R Eades IV Kirby AF Winstanley
PE Egginton JE Lidiard J Wood
T Evans PA Ling R Woodcock
A Everett DA Macdonald