Pete Finlay

Pete started his lecturing career in 2001 whilst still working for British Airways, after being tasked by the Concorde Fleet management to put together a programme of talks

on Concorde that selected members of the Concorde fleet would be giving on certain cruise lines.

Pete then administered the programme, liaising directly with the cruise line to ensure its smooth running. Pete has subsequently talked on cruise lines such as Silverseas, Crystal, Radisson and eventually P&O. 

Currently he gives his talks on cruise lines fairly exclusively on P&O because the mainly British audiences appreciate the passion he feels for Concorde and his other main subject, British Maritime History, which has been a lifelong interest of his. He also has a series of talks on other aspects of British Aviation, and his next project is a series talks on the history of the EU, which he believes will prove to be very controversial, if not frightening! 

He is a very experienced and entertaining speaker and carries out speaking engagements on ships as well as on land in the UK to professional organisations, conferences and clubs; over the years Pete has given many hundreds of such talks, afloat and ashore, and thoroughly enjoys entertaining his audiences whilst conveying the passion for any of his subjects.