Ian Kirby - Senior Flight Engineer

Ian has been involved with Concorde since 1963 when he was involved in high-speed wind tunnel development of Concorde’s Intake System when he was an apprentice with the British Aircraft Corporation.

Ian’s talks on Concorde started in about 1990 when he had amassed many slides and photographs of the aircraft, since converted to high quality digital images.  

As one of the more experienced members of the Concorde Flight Crew community, with over 8,000 hours flying Concorde, he is much in demand as a speaker, and in the past he has spoken to School groups, Scout groups, University of the Third Age (U3A), Woman’s Institutes, various Church groups, some very technical groups at Filton and Manchester, preserved railway supporters, Probus Clubs, flying clubs, aviation interest groups, boat clubs, retirement fellowships, etc.  By his own admission he is sure that he has missed out some organisations from this list.