Pete Carrigan

Pete is a talented speaker when it comes to delivering first class talks about the love of his 35 year aviation career - Concorde. He has given many such talks around the UK, principally to conferences, local clubs, organisations and charitable organisations.

Pete does not consider himself a formal after - dinner speaker, but instead classes himself as someone who prefers to give an engaging talk to his audience in a non - dining environment. Pete retired to Wales where he has proved himself to be a popular speaker at many events hosted by local clubs and organisations.

Pete joined the British Overseas Airways Corporation in 1968 at the tender age of 16 as an Engineering Apprentice, which involved six years training at a local college as well as hands-on training on aircraft. During the last two years of his apprenticeship Pete also studied to become a licensed Engine and Airframe ground engineer on the Boeing 707 aircraft. After completing his apprenticeship he spent a year maintaining Boeing 707 and Boeing 747 aircraft before being selected to be a Development Engineer on both the Vickers VC10 and Concorde aircraft.

After spending one year as a Development Engineer, and amidst intense competition, he was selected to become a Flight Engineer with British Airways flying Boeing 747 aircraft. From 1976 until 1990 Pete flew the Boeing 747 aircraft world-wide, including two periods of four months being posted to the British Airways base in Sydney, Australia. In 1990 he was selected to fly Concorde and faced a further six months gruelling training due to the vastly increased complexity of Concorde compared to other commercial aircraft.

In addition to flying from London to New York in his twelve years on Concorde, Pete has also flown several “Round the World” charters, which included many exotic locations well off the beaten track. During his time on Concorde Pete has flown British Prime Ministers, International Heads of States, and too many international celebrities to count. In 1998 Pete was selected to be an Instructor on the British Airways Concorde Fleet and subsequently trained new Pilots and Flight Engineers to operate Concorde. He spent about half his time during this period flying the aircraft, whilst training and checking Pilots and Flight Engineers in the simulator took up the rest of his working time.

After retiring from British Airways once Concorde stopped flying, Peter and his wife moved to a house near Alicante where he flew his small two seat micro light aircraft round the beautiful countryside in Spain. Pete and his wife Marie then spent some years touring and living in South America before finally returning to the UK to finally settle in Conwy in north Wales - a beautiful part of the world.